Enersol 120 Watt Solar Panel Meyerton

EnerSol 120 Watt solar panel for Sale in xxx

* Made In South Africa.
* Grade "A" Solar Cells.
* Save money on your energy bills by generating your own clean electricity with a 120 Watt Solar Panel in xxx
* Enjoy competitive prices with the best products.
* Relax, knowing your solar panels come with a 25 year power output warranty.

120 Watt solar panel xxx 120 Watt solar panel xxx
click to enlarge EnerSol 120 Watt solar panel designed and manufactured by SDDirectPro in South Africa
120 Watt solar panel xxx
Product code: ES120
120 Watt solar panel xxx
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* High quality 120 Watt solar panels, designed for off-grid use in xxx

 Cell  Polycrystalline solar cell 156 x 156 mm
 No. of Cells  36 (4x9)
 Panel Dimensions  1250 x 670 x 35 mm
 Weight  11.6 kg
 Connectors and Cables  Connectors and 1m cables
 Normal Operating Cell Temperature
 800W/m² Irradiance, 20°C, AM = 1.5
 48°C ± 2°C
 Power Temperature Coefficient  - 0.5%/K
 Current Temperature Coefficient  0.035%/K
 Voltage Temperature Coefficient  - 0.37 MV/K
 Maximum Power  120 Wp
 Power Tolerance  0/+5 Wp
 Maximum Power Voltage  18 V
 Maximum Power Current  6.67 A
 Open Circuit Voltage  22.2 V
 Short Circuit Current  7.84 A
*Standard Test Conditions : 1000W/m² irradiance, 25°C and AM = 1.5
 Operating Temperature  - 40°C to 85°C
 Maximum System Voltage  1000V DC
 Linear Performance  25 Years
 Product Warranty  10 Years
120 Watt solar panel xxx 120 Watt solar panel xxx
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